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Duplicate content harms your SEO, leads to lower rankings in search results and traffic losses. In some cases the site may be removed entirely from the Google index.

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Keeping Your Content Unique

When publishing

Ensure the post you are going to publish is unique and plagiarism free. Verify that it’s not already published on the Internet. Keep your content fresh and original.

Over time

Check if your previously created articles stay unique. Make sure they haven’t been duplicated on another sites. Find out which pages on the Web have copied your original text and claim it as their own. If that’s the case, act quickly to have it removed.

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Use UniqCont WordPress plugin to validate the uniqueness of the text you’re publishing. You can also use UniqCont browser extension for Chrome and Firefox to check text content of any webpage for uniqueness.
Discover if there's any similar content on other websites. Get the links to the pages containing the duplicate content alongside with percentage of matching for each page. See highlighting of the matches in the source text.

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